​Year 1

Welcome to​ Sprite Class

​Sprites PE Lesson​

Sprites creating watercolours of the Great Fire of London​










Summer Term 2017

​Making London for our Great Fire of London project​





Sprites  used instruments to represent God making the creation​


Using phonic fans to learn our phonics and practising words and sentences on whiteboards​

Counting carefully​​


Summer Term


Comparing Climates
Click here for this term's Topic Plan:


Spring Term​


Click here for this term's Topic Plan:

Superheroes Topic Plan.pdf

This week we have been researching real life heroes.

Sprite class have enjoyed learning all about Grace Darling and have produced some fantastic art work linking to her story.





Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been making up their own Superhero identities.

They really enjoyed making their own capes and masks.​

Autum Term 2015

Click here for this term's Topic Plan:

The Great Fire Of London

Sprite Class were very excited to start their new topic this week!



Homework 11.09.15

This week we have been learning the rhyme ‘London’s Burning’. 

The children’s homework is to retell the rhyme using their story map.

Can the children remember the actions for each line? ​

Autumn Term

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As part of our topic this term, Sprite Class took a trip to Farleigh Hungerford Castle.

The children were excited to find out about life in a medieval castle!​







On the way back to school, we popped into Nunney Castle.​






In Literacy we have been studying the story of Handa's Surprise.

​Sprite Class made a fantastic sculpture of Handa for our art exhibition.



​Spring Term


Click here for this term's topic plan
On Tuesday 10th March, Sprite Class went on an educational, local walk as part of our topic. We looked at the different types of houses and explored the physical and human features that surround our school.

 Here are some pictures:​





The children were so well behaved that we even took a trip to the park!​





​Autumn Term

Sprite Class have been learning all about their bodies. They concluded their topic with a visit from Jack the life size, knitted puppet.


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