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Year 2.

​​Curriculum map 2018/19
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Topic Web Learning

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Please click on the powerpoint above to find out about our learning across all areas of the curriculum for this term. 


Forest School 

This term the children have started forest school and so far they have been on a treasure hunt around the school field. They have found different resources that are straight, fluffy, round, smooth and green. The children worked really well together to create a 'natural mobile'.


The children have also been on a 'texture hunt', the children found lots of different natural objects and described their features to their peers and then worked together using their objects to create natural pictures.


In RE this term we have been learning about 'Hinduism' and 'Lent'.

The children have learnt about different Hindu Gods and Godesses. They have also been learning about how christians prepare during Lent and are able to identify the meaning of the colour purple in Lent.



This term the children have been learning about the book 'Traction Man'. They are able to retell the story using actions and also remembering the use of commas, brackets and exclamation marks.

They have had lots of fun activities based around the book. Here are the children finding and describing objects similar to the sink in the book.



Terrific Toys​

Our history topic for this term is: Terrific Toys.

By the end of this unit:
All children should be able to:

Explain what they know about toys today.

• Explain how we can find out about the past.

• Describe features of different toys.

Most children will be able to:

• Compare two toys from different time

periods, identifying similarities and


• Use words and phrases relating to the

passing of time.

And some children should be able to:
• Compare two toys from different time

periods, identifying similarities and

differences and begin to suggest reasons

for this.

Check out some of our homework projects for the topic of Terrific Toys.


Maths Learning

 This term we have been learning about Shape and Fractions.

The children have been finding 1/2 and 1/4 of different amounts using fraction mats.

Useful revision sites.


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