​Over the coming weeks we hope to populate this website with everything you need to know about working with SharePoint 2016.


​Schools will no longer see a tab/link to their school portal from the top SLP menu like they used to. This functionality has been removed. Instead, schools could create a shortcut to their School Portal on their desktop and/or by adding a 'Following' link within Office365.


SLP and iPost are anonymous i.e. you don't need to sign in - unless:-

1. you are an SCC Contributor and are allowed to upload documents and add ipost news items

2. you are in one of the groups specified in Document Audience (e.g. iPost Headteachers, iPost All School Staff etc.) ​ and you wish to read Restricted documents on iPost

3. you are a school user and have permissions to add items to the Emergency School Closures list

Otherwise, you don't need to sign in.​ Also, you must sign in using an Educ account e.g. If you don't have an Educ account you will need to log a call with the helpdesk to get one.


​We've now added Document Summary and Last Modified date to the Search Results on iPost to make it easier for users to evaluate their search results. We have removed the 'Look Inside' option on the Hover Panel also. Remember: Search works best when logged in!