You will need an SLP(educ) account to access Office 365 (including emails, school portals) and also secure areas of SLP on-prem (including secure areas of SLP public websites and iPost).

School staff will be provisioned with an SLP account through SIMS. However, accounts for non-school staff (SCC, External Users etc) will need to be individually provisioned through the Active Directory.

Staff can use Somerset iPost without a user account – many of the documents available are public and can be viewed without logging in. However, some staff may need/want a user account for the following reasons:

  • They want to view documents that are not public. Whilst the primary audience for documents on Somerset iPost is schools, some documents that are restricted to school audiences may also be available to SCC staff so that staff from SCC who are working with schools have easy remote access to the materials that schools are viewing in relation to their service.
  • They want to contribute to the site (i.e. add documents to the site - SCC Contributors).

   There are guidance documents below to help you with logging in, including Forgotten password, Changing password etc.


Adding Portal to Bookmarks.docx
Find My Password - Office 365.docx
Password Guidance For Office 365.docx
SLP and eLIM Login.docx
​If you need further assistance, please contact the SCC Service Desk (see footer) .