​​Custom Domain Name in Office 365


emaildomain.jpgDo you:

  • Have your own domain name? (eg greenabbey.somerset.sch.uk or greenabbeysomerset.co.uk​)
  • Would like to use it instead of your "educ.somerset.gov.uk" domain?
  • Need to get your office@school.somerset.sch.uk

Then read on!

There are various requirements you need to meet before we can offer this to you... your IT person will need to help you with this.


¨  Confirm which domain name is to be used by your school. We generally prefer [school].somerset.sch.uk domains if possible to keep the Somerset family together. However if you have your own .co.uk domains (etc) then we can add them.
¨  You need to be aware that [username]@educ.somerset.gov.uk login and email addresses for Office 365 would become (for example) [username]@schoolname.somerset.sch.uk. Your SLP logins would stay “username” but the longer 365 logins will change to the new domain name , so things like Outlook accounts and iPad accounts etc would need an update on your devices. Your school technician may need to help you with that.
¨  Confirm that to keep some consistency in the GAL for all users we’d prefer to keep display names as is, i.e. “FirstName.Surname – SCH.123”.
¨  If the domain name has previously been used in other systems, such as RM EasyMail then confirm there’s no students (if there are, you'll need to pick a different domain name as our system doesn't currently cater for students).
¨  As above, if another system was previously used then collect any email addresses and where they were forwarded to (or who accessed them) to so that they can be added into Office 365 when complete. e.g. office@school. à sch.xxx@educ or joeb@school. -> jbrown2@ecuc.
¨  As above, if a previous system was used and wasn’t forwarding email, then be aware that we don't migrate email from your old system to this system... you should tidy up emails in the previous system before moving away. If you have emails in another system that need to be migrated then that will be down to your IT support peoeple to help you with, or you can forward them on to your educ email addresses before the old system is taken out of use.
¨  Confirm who owns the domain's "DNS Zone" and that we (or the Zone owner) can add the new Office 365 entries as required. [school].somerset.sch.uk domains are maanged by SCC which makes life nice and easy as we can handle all that for you. Other domains will require coordination and changes by the person who looks after them for you.
¨  If the domain was previously registered in another Microsoft Office 365 tenancy, get the tenancy owner to remove the domain before moving it to the educ Office 365 tenancy.


If you meet those requirements then log a call with the SCC ServiceDesk (sccservicedesk@somerset.gov.uk) marked for the attention of "ED3 Education Technology" requesting that your schools' Office 365 accounts are enabled for a custom domain name. Someone will come back to you to check the requirements above are met, and to further discuss when the work can be completed. If there is a large volume of requests for this service then there will be delay and strict order for implementation.

There is a one off administration charge of £75 for this service.