Office-365-Logo-Medium.jpgHow to Use Office 365

The following Office 365 videos are available from Microsoft:

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eLIM To share a document in OneDrive

Other Office help

More training videos on a variety of topics including guides to Word 2013, Excel 2103, OneNote 2013, Powerpoint 2013 are here.
Guides for Office 2016 are here.


Additional Services

Would you like your own domain name as part of your email address rather than the default "" one? This service is coming soon, so please keep checking back for more information on how you can request this.
Want to use iPad Office Apps?
office365small.jpgYou've got iPads and have installed the Office Apps on them, but found that you can only read, but not save? If you're a Microsost Volume Licence customer who licences Office Pro Plus for your FTE staff then we can fix that!
For more information please go here.



Technical Documents

eLIM Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions:
Using WebMail within Office 365:
eLIM Office 365 WebMail
Email server settings (mail relay settings):
Setting up an Outlook account for the first time:
Adding an additional mailbox to Outlook:
How to manually remove an old mailbox from Outlook and add O365:
eLIM Outlook Remove Old Mailbox And Add New Mailbox
OneDrive for Business Setup Instructions:
eLIM OneDrive for Business Setup
How to set up Outlook 2011 for Mac OS:
How to set up your email on an iPhone or iPad:
How to reconfigure an iPhone or iPad to use the new email:
How to configure your Blackberry to use Office 365:
How to configure your Android device to use Office 365:
How to install Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2:
​How do backups work and what is Litigation Hold: