Office Pro Plus in educ Office 365


Do you want to:

  • Offer your staff the ability to install Office Pro Plus on up to 5 of their own personal devices for free?
  • Allow your staff the ability to save documents when using Office Apps on their iPads?

Then read on!

For schools that have the correct licensing with Microsoft, we are able to add these abilities to your school's educ Office 365 accounts. You may need to get your IT Staff or IT Support Company to help you.

​If your school has a Microsoft Volume License Agreement for Office Pro Plus products that covers the school’s FTE staff (many schools do), then please log a call with the SCC Service Desk ( marked for the attention of "ED3" requesting that your Office 365 accounts are enabled for Office Pro Plus.

Along with your helpdesk request you must attach two CSV files so that we're able to verify that you're correctly licensed with Microsoft before we're able to add it to your educ accounts.

To get these CSV files, please log into your Microsoft Volume License portal and:

  1. On the Licenses tab, go to Relationship Summary. Click "Download all licence information" and save the resulting CSV file somewhere.
  2. On the Licenses tab, go to License Summary. Click "Download License Information" and save the resulting CSV file somewhere.
  3. Attach both CSV files to your SCC ICT Helpdesk request.

The two files don't contain any sensitive information, and just allow us to check your agreements are active, and include Office Pro Plus. We will keep this information on file so that if Microsoft audit us we can show due diligence in checking that you're entitled to the licenses.


no-license-yet.jpgDon't have a Microsoft Volume License?

Although you won't be able to be part of Office Pro Plus as outlined above then never fear!

Don't forget that via your Office 365 account, in the portal ( you have access to free versions of Word Online, Excel Online, and others. These are fully functional web versions of Microsoft Office, and although a little cut down from the full products they're more than good enough to allow you to work on Office documents from home without the need to install Office on your computers.