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SASP Leaders meeting 11.1.2017
How is C4L going?
·         Most of the children are year 5, but there are some year 4 who attend and sometimes year 3
·         Each session is based around football, dodge ball and other activities
·         Ben + Phoebe – activities that are not sports (skipping, tug of war)
·         Michael, Sophie, Katie and Thomas – sport based activity
·         There is not a great deal of time to prepare each session – could we have more?
Year 6 children to do KS1 club
·         Georgia M, Ashley, Lyal, Cameron, Teigan, Curtis
·         Come up with a name for the SASP leaders – Sports Committee?
·         Get registers for year 3 and 4
·         Ask Mr G and Mrs C if leaders can leave 10 minutes early on a Tuesday to set up their club
·         Get a rota together – think of some activities that are not sport related (bird game?)
·         Year 6 to prepare a certificate
·         Ask if we can have a speaker
Buy the C4L box