​It has been a jam-packed week and the events just keep coming.

Friday is Children in Need and we would like to acknowledge it in school. This year, the theme of "5 to thrive" is a positive message of action for all young people, so we would like to celebrate this with a non-uniform day based on colours. Each class has been designated a colour:
Chestnut (FS) - Blue, 
Rowan (Y1) - Red
Cherry (Y2) - Green
Hazel (Y3) - Yellow
Willow (Y4) - White
Pine (Y5) - Orange 
Oak (Y6) - Grey / Pink

Teachers will wear the colours of their class. It can be a HINT of that colour, so please do NOT go out and buy something especially for the day! Grey socks etc! Alternatively, head-to-toe in that colour is equally welcome!

Due to the challenges of us getting cash to where it needs to go, we are NOT asking for any contribution to come into school. Instead, we rely on one of our school Christian values 'trust', as we know you will all make your own small contribution to a local collection or even one online. 

It will be learning-business as usual on Friday, but every class will also be discussing CiN and looking at some of the good works this can provide for other groups around the country.​

This willalso be shared on social media and class dojo/tapestry


The culmination of our Remembrance Day learning, today. 

Our pupils stood, socially-distanced and impeccably, to mark this special day. The British Values (and great human values) were fully explored by year groups going through the school. 

Some villagers were on a lockdown-exercise stroll at the same time and remarked how beautifully the 2 minute silence was observed by every pupil.


Our classes have been preparing for Remembrance Day 11am, today. Over this school week, they have added their own thoughts, prayers and reflections to the vast collection of work around the country. We are very proud of their ideas, of their respect for those that were involved in world wars and past conflicts, and proud of their attitude in what can be a tough subject for young minds. You will find their wreaths displayed on our fence - thanks to Miss and Mrs Warrington for this.
 We will be observing a 2 minutes silence, today, so join us as we think of them, wherever you are at 11am. Thank you.​

 poppy 6.jpg

poppy 7.jpg


Good afternoon!

A parent has pointed out - very nicely - that the picture on the newsletter highlighting items for Poppy Day isn't clear! Apologies - it looks a lot better on my original!
The zip extenders are 50p (really useful), attachable poppies 50p (very robust and I've still got mine from last year), wrist bands £1 and the wrist slappers £1.50. All prices are suggested prices for contribution. Thank you! ​


​A Happy Friday to you all! 

In school, today, we will be bringing all our classes together online for a Harvest Celebration. Every class has produced something to share and we can celebrate and give thanks at this specal time of year. "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field​"

We will be sharing photos of this in our newsletter. Please do check online every Friday for our newsletter. It is a regular window into the school life and holds important information (most weeks!) about learning around school, safeguarding, general notices and upcoming dates (like Dress Down Fridays). Obviously, with parents not on-site at the moment, this newsletter has become even more important, as it is our key route of communication. 


As the country moves into a new phase of lockdown, we have re-addressed our own risk assessments at school and made some changes. From today, our staff will be wearing masks only when travelling around inside school, so down our corridors and between staff rooms and classrooms. We feel this reflects the good practice seen in shops, pubs, restaurants and other facilities around the country, as well as in secondary schools. This measure gives an added layer of safeguarding and reassurance to our own staff and also serves as a clear reminder to us for the need to socially distanced whilst in school (not easy in a small, rural building!). I have already walked down the corridors in my mask, greeting our pupils, and can report that not a single one questioned my use of the mask, nor looked alarmed. Their acceptance of the ‘new normal’ really is a great reflection on their adaptability and trust of the adults around them. If anyone should be alarmed or worried, every teacher and TA is on hand to discuss it with them. Every teacher will also be talking to their own class about this, today. No masks will be worn outside.    

We have made another room available for our staff at break and lunchtimes, meaning distance can be maintained throughout the school day. Currently, we have 3 new trainee teachers and 2 apprentices on board with us and these excellent, future-professionals are fully up to date with the measures we have put into place.

We are NOT asking our pupils to wear masks.

We thank you for your continued support with our drop-off and pick-up system, for keeping your own distance and minimising any face-to-face time within the school grounds. We are always available on email and phone should you need to speak to anyone. Teachers are ready with online learning for any child self-isolating and this can be ready in a matter of minutes, as has already been the case.​

If anything changes in our guidance, we will update you as soon as is possible.

As always, people's opinions on such measures differ wildly, but I ask you to simply respect our actions and the reasons for making such changes.Thank you!


A parent has asked us a very good question:

"With regards to drop off and pick ups after Thursday. Is a grandparent still able to pick a child up or drop them off after this point if the parent is working?"

I have discussed this with our Office Team and this DOES seem to fit in the current guidance we have been given, so we still welcome thyis arrangement. This guidance will be UPDATED by the govt 3rd November and I have no idea if it will change.

Regarding After School Care, another family has asked if, after Thursday, our After School Club will be open. The guidance says: "Parents will still be able to access some registered childcare and other childcare activities (including wraparound care) where reasonably necessary to enable parents to work, or for the purposes of respite care.​"

I consider our ASC as absolutely necessary for some of you to keep working, so our offer of ASC will continue unless I am told otherwise in 3rd november guidance. I hope this helps. 


​A big welcome back to all of you to what, usually, is a very exciting half term; our intention is that this will still be the case. As we learn more about the impending lockdown, and how it may affect us a school, we will pass this information onto you. As always, we welcome you contacting us to discuss any questions or worries that you may have. If we can help, we will. Our attendance today is nearly 99% which is excellent and we hope this can continue.   

This information is shared on our social media websites and will always be available on pour school website first. 



Mr Gillan:
I am trying to collate the general feeling of families as to how you all feel we have done since last March, when the national lockdown began, through to the transition back into school and now into this new academic year. It is almost impossible to put together a set of survey questions to fully capture your opinions! So, if you have time, could you please simply email the school and give me your opinions? Thurlbear@educ.somerset.gov.uk and title it  "My opinion" . I would be very grateful if you had 10mins. 


​The SAINTs have sent an update:

"It has been drawn to our attention that letters regarding the flu vaccination (including a barcode) have been sent to parents; this letter has been sent from a central system and has caused lots of confusion but unfortunately is out of our control.

Please reassure parents that this does not affect any consent forms that have already been submitted to our team. Parents do not need to bring letters to school; we will be submitting vaccination data to child health using demographic information ie NHS Number, Names, Dates of Birth and Postcode, as we do every year.

Subsequent letters may be received and should be seen to act as reminder. "

I hope that clarifies any confusion! ​


​The Somerset School Aged Immunisation Team (SAINT) will be visiting our school in the future to deliver flu vaccinations – the date will be at the beginning of December. A full letter has now been given to every family which includes the following link https://saint.sompar.nhs.uk/flu/2020/west where you must register yourself and fill in an online consent form. The link will close by 23rd October 2020; all forms will need to be submitted electronically by this date.

A helpful parent has contacted us to say, once a family registers, they receive a confirmation letter including a bar-code. We have yet to be informed about this bar-code by the NHS and we will give you an update when we know more.​


​​Hurrah! We now have our social media sites back in school, after a period of filtering problems.

You can always check our school website for the latest information and this is where we post our weekly newsletters. 
Our texts service has been a valuable tool over this last 2 weeks and so please make sure we have your most up-to-date numbers. 

So far, this week, we are averaging approximately 97% of pupils in school, which is fantastic in these national circumstances.

Tomorrow is DRESS DOWN FRIDAY! Please don't forget to bring in your £1 contribution. Last month, some Key Stage 2 classes reported totals of £10 - £11 for their whole class.  This little-and-often fundraiser all goes directly back to your children through the purchase of equipment, resources and experiences such as online sessions with museums etc. Please do try and support it.​


​We are required by law to tell you what personal data we collect about you, why we collect it and how we use it, this is called a Privacy Notice.  To find out more Click here​


​We have added 3 images that might help families when spotting the signs of COVID-19 and then doing the right thing at the right time. This comes from from public health regarding Management of COVID  19 - in school-age children.​

Check HERE​ for the images  


The latest in clear guidance from public health regarding Management of COVID  19- in school age children.​​covidchecker-schools_2 (1).jpg

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