​Taskforce/Values Team

In our school, we take great pride in our Pupil Voice!  These pupils have been chosen by their classmates to represent Thurlbear and help make important decisions, such as new equipment, new ideas, and even taking assemblies!  They are always open to listening to and helping their fellow school mates!

The values team carried out a puil questionnaire in January 2017 to gain an understanding about how the pupils in our school feel about their school. Below is a link to the outcomes. We are very pleased with the results and this has enabled us to work on our next steps to improvement through our pupil voice. Over 90% in all areas!


In March 2017 the Values Team interviewed at the Headteacher interviews. The questions the children came up with were tough and challenging and made all the candidates really think. This was an exciting experience for the Values Team and they were very pleased with the outcome. Mr Gillan was appointed as our new Headteacher.

The values team have recently been discussing bullying and what bullying is. We created a poster ​to take back to class and to display around school for children to read at playtimes. The poster is attached below.

Values Team Diagram