Who’s who?

Mrs Pape – Class Teacher

Mrs Lock and Mrs Adams – Teaching Assistant

What happens in Coles Class?

Every morning at 8:50 the children line up in the playground. They then come into the school and put away their coats and bage before settling down for registration.

During the school day, children work directly with a teacher or adult on specific activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage children are provided with continuous provision around the classroom and engaging activities to do with the teacher or an adult.

Every term we choose a topic to learn about and link this into our learning as much as possible. This ensures that the children are learning with a context and with interest.

Coles Class is split across two rooms with the children’s needs in mind to help achieve their maximum potential. The classroom is laid out into different areas that provide different learning opportunities for the children.

We have a quiet reading area and a role play area for different forms of learning.

The library is used predominantly by the Year 1 and 2 children. 

How do we make sure the children are learning?

We provide a variety of different learning experiences for the children and their learning and progress is monitored on a regular basis. Children work in a guided group for lessons, which ensures we can challenge and support appropriately.

During guided sessions, observation and assessments are recorded to inform of our planning for the next day. Children are also highly encouraged to take ownership of their own learning and are taught to be very independent in their work too. All children have targets in literacy and numeracy, which gives them something to strive for and helps them understand their next steps in learning.


Children in Coles Class read with an adult at least once a week and in groups everyday during phonics. During phonics the children will have a reading book along with comprehension and writing activties based on that book. The books are changed weekly to allow the children to gain an in depth understanding of the text and to improve fluency in reading.

Home School Links

A strong partnership with parents is very important to us. Our doors are always open to parents/guardians who wish to know more about their child’s learning. We can chat at the end of the day or in the mornings but sometimes a little more time is needed. You can easily make an appointment to see Mrs Pape if you have a more pressing concern.

Regular newsletters are sent home so that parents and carers ae kept informed of what the chioldren have been up to. We always have parents evenings throughout the year and a detailed report is sent home in the Summer term. 

We are also very happy to have parent helpers in the classroom and appreciate any form of support.