Introducing our Governors: 


Gabrielle Andrews


Community Governor

​Date of office started
(each term is for 4 years)


Shirley Chapman

Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor


​Mark Lunn


​Chris Hall

Parent Governor
Vice Chair


​​Trina Marshall

​Staff Governor


​Nicola Sweeting

Staff Governor


Nicky Hatton

Community Governor


Kristof Downer​

​Co-opted Governor


​Michelle Perry

​Parent Governor


John Sharp                                                                        Co-opted Governor                                                                        16.04.18 ​​


The Governing Body meets at least once a term, sometimes every half term.

Within this group we also have a Business Sub-Committee and Education Sub-Committee who also meet at least three times a year.  These sub-committees look in more detail at the school's plans for improvement, how we spend our money, and how well the school is doing in meeting the needs of the children in the school.

The main drive (as in all schools) is to raise standards in reading, writing and maths.  However, the Governing Body recognise that this needs to be done alongside providing a broad, exciting curriculum.

Please view our policies on the Policies and Procedures page, and the documents below to see what the Governing Body do.

Our list of percuniary interests for all governors can be found here: Register of Business Interests 2017.docxRegister of Business Interests 2017 and 2018 ​​Register of Business Interests 2018-19 Jan update.pdf

Here are the Governor Newsletters: GB Newsletter SPRING 2019.pdf Autumn 19 GB Newsletter.pdf

Any concerns or complaints can be provided to the Headteacher, or if necessary to the Chair of Governors, via the Concerns and complaints Policy in our Policies and procedures page. ​​

Our current SEF (Self Evaluation) is here: JULY 19 SEF Wellsprings.pdf

Our draft RAP (2019-20 onwards) is here: Wellsprings RAP 2019- DEC 2019.doc RAP 2019-20 1st draft.docx

Our Pupil Premium Review (Jan 18) is here: Wellsprings Update Visit.docx

Our Governing Body Review (June 18) is here: JUNE 19 SEF.pdf

Our most recent English/Maths and other subject monitoring is here: Monitoring Aut 19.pdfKey summary points- GB LW 25.11.19.pdfV2 7619 Writing Lead - JUNE 19 Report for Govenors.docReading Report to Governors Summer Term 2019.docxKey Actions Report- Maths Summer 2019.docxWriting Moderation April 19.pdfMaths Moderation April 19.pdfGB LW record of SEND pupils- March 19 .pdfFEEDBACK- Lyngford-Wellsprings FEB 2019.docx GB Spring 2 Phonics learning walk sent.docxMonitoring- March 2019.doc PPM meetings Spring 2019.docx Science scrutiny Spring 19.pdf Computing snapshot - Mid Spring 2019 (1).pdf Maths scrutiny OCT 18.docxMaths feedback 2018-19 JAN.docx

SEP reports: SI.Wellsprings.ARE.191125.JJ.pdf SI.Wellsprings.190319.JJ.docxSI.Wellsprings.NOV1.181107.SB.docxWellsprings July 2018.docxSEP visit Feb 18.docxWellsprings November 2017.docx

Our Governor Evaluation report (termly update): JUNE 19 SEF.pdf​ GB Evaluation OCT 19.pdf Oct 2019.pdfKey summary points- GB LW 25.11.19.pdf Education and Welfare July 2020.pdfHealth and Safety July 2020.pdf

Our annual Pupil Premium report: Wellsprings PP report 2018.pdf 

Our annual SEND report: SENDGovernor Report 2017-18.pdf (last year's)

Tip: You may find it helpful when opening PDF files to right click on the title and choose the 'Open in New Window' or 'Open in New Tab' option.​​ 

2018-19 Monitoring and Assessment Overview.doc
BOARD LIST 18-19.doc
Business 19.11.18.doc
Education 21.11.18.docx
FGB 10.10.18 v3.docx
FGB 23.1.19.docx
FGB 27.3.19.docx
GB Overview FEB 19.pdf
Governor Visit Monitoring Report Form PP Jan 18.docx
Key Actions Report- Behaviour OCT 18.docx
Monitoring- March 2019.doc
PPM meetings Spring 2019.docx
School Evaluation APRIL 18.pdf
School Evaluation NOV 17.pdf
School Evaluation OCTOBER 18.pdf
SENDGovernor Report 2016-17.pdf
Wellsprings PP report 2017.pdf
Wellsprings PP report 2018.doc